A Domino Impact From The Bond Marketplace Should Cause A Correction In Stocks, Jpmorgan Says

U.S. Treasury yields are hovering near one-month lows and a significant move lower may trigger a correction in equities, analysts at JPMorgan said.
XLF since US electionSource: FactSetBut the reflation trade has been under siege lately because of the decline in rates.
The reflation trade centers around stocks that benefit from higher inflation and yields, including financials.
The Financials Select Sector SPDR Fund ETF (XLF), which tracks the S&P financials sector, has been a stalwart since Trump’s victory, rising more than 17 percent since Nov. 8.
Financials, meanwhile, suffered their worst day since June 24 earlier this week on the back of the U.S. stock market’s worst session of 2017.

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