How Linkedin Pinnacle Organizations Win Over The High-Quality Tech Expertise

It helps to be innovative at the core, says Chris Scalia, Leidos’ Senior Vice President of Talent Acquisition.
When it comes to competing with “pure tech” companies for engineering talent, Scalia added that it’s the defense work that Leidos does that sets the company apart.
The Reston, Va.-based defense company views their ability to technically innovate as a critical aspect of their overall corporate culture, not just an engineering culture or a technology culture, Scalia says.
These companies all are very large and have their own programs and efforts to make them great places to work, but what have you seen work well?
This article originally appeared on LinkedInGreg Leffler is the Senior Editor for Software Engineering and Technology for LinkedInDon’t miss:The 15 hottest tech companies in America, according to LinkedInFormer Twitter CEO reveals the 2 traits that’ll get you hired by a top company

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