Hud Finances Slashes Housing Applications, Drawing Protests From Advocates

| Getty HUD budget slashes housing programs, drawing protests from advocatesPresident Donald Trump’s administration will seek to slash spending on affordable housing and community development programs, a plan that housing advocates condemned as “immoral” and a blow to voters who sent him to the White House.
The draft budget maintains funding to support and enforce the Fair Housing Act, a Civil Rights-era law to end housing discrimination.
Cuts to HUD’s safety net and development spending, combined with reductions at other agencies, will hit rural communities the hardest, Chase said.
The budget “recognizes a greater role for state and local governments and the private sector in addressing community development and affordable housing needs,” the document states.
The administration is seeking to cut spending on affordable housing and community development and wants mortgage lenders to fund technology fixes at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to a budget draft obtained by POLITICO.

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