Norm Macdonald, Comic Nonpareil. (That’S A Phrase He Would Possibly Use.)

Audiences saw something similar when Mr. Macdonald memorably said goodbye to David Letterman (who had Mr. Macdonald do the last stand-up set on “The Late Show”), displaying an emotional side that took many by surprise.
In keeping the usual transitions and rhythms of comedy, Mr. Macdonald displayed an earnest affection for the sound of jokes.
Mr. Macdonald is also very smart about playing dumb: “You know how people have opinions?
And I say in truth, I love you.”Advertisement Continue reading the main storyStartlingly straightforward and moving, it was quintessentially the work of this comic.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyWhen he mocks a waiter at a fancy restaurant — an utterly mundane target — his language adjusts to suit the character.

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