Paul Ryan: ‘I’Ve By No Means Seen Some Thing Like’ Leaked Mccarthy Recording

” | Getty Paul Ryan: ‘I’ve never seen anything like’ leaked McCarthy recordingHouse Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday that he’s “never seen anything like” the leaked recording on which House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy can be heard saying, supposedly jokingly, that he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin was paying then-GOP candidate Donald Trump and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt said the leaking of a tape where Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joked about Trump is “a cause of concern.
Friday morning, Ryan told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt that the recording was “a cause of concern” for him and other Republicans.
“I’m not going to speculate on who it is,” Ryan said of the notion that McMullin might be the leaker.
“I’ve never seen anything like this,” the speaker said.

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