‘The Keepers’ Revisits Nun’S Unsolved Murder

(CNN) Eager to find its next “Making a Murderer,” Netflix devotes seven hours to “The Keepers,” a cold case that has as its center the unsolved 1969 murder of a Baltimore nun.
Indeed, where “Making a Murderer” and HBO’s “The Jinx” possessed the focus of a real-life thriller, “Keepers” director Ryan White’s chronicle splinters off in several directions.
And while that reflects the grim realities of a sordid situation that was allowed to go unchecked, even as a back-to-back binge the compelling narrative can at times feel unwieldy.
The facts that are known, and that come up as the narrative progresses, are harrowing enough to make “The Keepers” consistently intriguing, painstakingly documenting a long-overlooked injustice.
While the story takes several engrossing twists and unexpected turns, the project labors at times under ts complexity, lacking the clear “Steve Avery: Innocent or guilty?

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