The Story Of Aldous Harding’S ‘Party,’ Track By Means Of Song

The Story Of Aldous Harding’s ‘Party,’ Track By TrackEnlarge this image toggle caption Courtesy of 4AD Courtesy of 4ADIf folk conjures an image in your head, Aldous Harding’s Party is that image sieved, sifted and twisted, upended like a rock to show the fat, interesting bugs squiggling beneath it.
“The World Is Looking For You”This is another love song.
“When I heard the chorus [of ‘Party’] in my head I kind of went, ‘I don’t know if I’m allowed to do that,'” she says.
When I first wrote ‘Party,’ it was like the third song I wrote for the new album.
It was the first new song after [first record] Aldous Harding.

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