Australian Female To Go Back Domestic This Week After Nearly 10 Years In Bali Jail : The Two-Manner : Npr

Australian Woman To Return Home This Week After Nearly 10 Years In Bali PrisonEnlarge this image toggle caption Firdia Lisnawati/AP Firdia Lisnawati/APIt’s not entirely clear why Schapelle Corby’s case so captivated a nation.
The Australian woman was 27 in 2004 when she was caught with 9 pounds of marijuana in her bag upon landing in Bali for a two-week vacation.
As the editor of Woman’s Day told the Morning Herald this week, “I’d be sitting next to her on the plane if I could.
And yet, as The Sydney Morning Herald reports, hundreds of thousands of Australians watched in 2005 as Corby tearfully awaited her verdict.
” As Australia consular affairs expert Alex Oliver told the Morning Herald, “It could have been me or my child.

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