Laleh Khadivi, Author Of ‘A Very Good Us Of A’

Leaving High School Behind For A Dangerous Life In ‘A Good Country’A Good Country by Laleh Khadivi Hardcover, 239 pages | purchase close overlay Buy Featured Book Your purchase helps support NPR programming.
And he looks to Fatima, and he sees her, and she has never had an American idea of herself.
Rez is at the point where he’s realized that the American idea of himself is not going to pan out.
How does Rez, a laid-back stoner surfer dude from Laguna Beach, get drawn into a web of fanaticism?
Laleh Khadivi’s new novel A Good Country tells the story of Alireza Courdee from the time he’s a 14-year-old chemistry whiz, the son of Iranian immigrants, to his transformation into an American kid who who leaves America behind, in all ways, to disappear into a forbidding and destructive life.

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