On His Solo Debut, ‘Fantasmas,’ Zavala Is A Messenger Of Relief

ICYMI: On His Solo Debut, ‘Fantasmas,’ Zavala Is A Messenger Of ReliefYouTubeOn his first full-length solo album, Fantasmas (Ghosts), Alexander Zavala appears to us — amidst specters — as a messenger of sonic relief.
But in 2015, Zavala released the EP Memory Traps, where you could hear him start to experiment with more electronic sounds in songs like “Terapia.
The Chicago-based artist and producer, who performs under his last name only, has previously made music more in line with hip-hop.
Fantasmas, with its balanced melodies, is no exception to this pattern; it catches those feelings in music, to be with you long after you turn it off.
Ghosts are commonly used as an artistic motif in order to encapsulate an emotion and fix it in time.

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