The Sweep Report: Whilst The Cleaning Crews Fail To Expose Up

Cooper said that she and the other campers had spent the previous night reluctantly sorting through their belongings, discarding trash and dismantling their tents in anticipation of the city-cleaning crews for what they were told would be a routine cleaning of the sidewalk around 5 a.m…READ MORE
By Laura WaxmannA group of some 15 people living underneath the 101 freeway underpass at Brannan and Division Streets say they were “stood up” by Public Works cleaning crews who first instructed them to clear their encampment temporarily for a routine cleanup and then failed to appear for the actual cleaning, according to some of the encampment’s residents.
“We worked through the night to get this ready so that we would be abiding by what they wanted and they left us hanging and basically made us feel stupid,” said Couper, a resident of the encampment who on Friday afternoon lugged her belongings from the parking lot of a fitness gym near the intersection back onto the Division Street adjacent sidewalk.

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