The Trendy From Saudi Arabia — A Hundred And Ten Billion Greenbacks In Army Sales — H.R. Mcmaster And Jared Excessive Five In Riyadh — Dual-Barrel Trump Scoops Through Nyt And Wapo — B’Day: Craig Melvin

THE LATEST from Saudi Arabia — 110 billion dollars in military sales — H.R.
#SaudiArabia” … @JenniferJJacobs: “Flanking Trump for Saudi Arabia bilateral meeting: Tillerson and Ross.
McMaster and Jared high five in Riyadh — Twin-barrel TRUMP scoops by NYT and WaPo — B’DAY: Craig MelvinDriving the DayGood Saturday morning.
…“There would normally be nothing out of the ordinary about American women dressing without headscarves in deeply conservative Saudi Arabia, where local women are required to cover themselves in public.
While you were sleeping, President Donald Trump landed in Saudi Arabia.

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