Afghan Authorities Quietly Aids Breakaway Taliban Faction

PhotoThe mainstream Taliban are worried that the Renouncers, who dress and look like other Taliban, have been infiltrating their ranks.
In recent months, the government has quietly provided the breakaway faction — popularly known as the Renouncers — with weapons, safe passage and intelligence support in their fight against the mainstream Taliban.
Most of those elements began as Taliban factions that turned against the mainstream group.
PhotoThe fighting last week began when the mainstream Taliban attacked a Renouncer base in Gereshk, one of the few areas outside Helmand’s provincial capital, Lashkar Gah, that are not under Taliban control.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyThe Renouncers are followers of Mullah Mohammad Rasoul, who split with the main Taliban group after revelations in 2015 that the former Taliban leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, had long been dead.

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