At Watergate, Recalling A Burglary That Toppled A President

“We established the fact that the president is not above the law.”Many of the committee staff members said regardless of any comparisons to present-day politics, the reunion was still significant to them.
“There’s Dad; look at him smiling,” said Rachel Dash, 61, pointing to a photograph of her father, Samuel Dash, who served as the committee’s chief counsel.
“It’s the first time in anyone’s memory that someone challenged the president,” Mr. Weicker told the audience.
Mr. Edmisten, the former deputy chief counsel, recalled the first reunion he hosted, marking 10 years, in his office, and being there to recognize the 20th and 25th anniversaries of the break-in.
He said he was surprised he was the only one who brought the ID, one of the last pieces of Watergate memorabilia he has left.

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