Chris Cuomo, Jay Sekulow Clash Over Russia Probe

“Just because you haven’t been notified doesn’t mean you’re not under investigation,” Cuomo replied.
JUST WATCHED Sekulow: POTUS has power to fire FBI director Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH Sekulow: POTUS has power to fire FBI director 00:10The two lawyers then went back and forth, talking over one another.
“”There is a fundamental threshold question there that the President’s authority to terminate the FBI director is based on the Constitution,” Sekulow responded.
“”To say, ‘Comey told him he’s not under investigation, so he can’t be’ — that’s illogical,” Cuomo said.
(CNN) A lawyer for President Donald Trump clashed with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Monday morning over whether his client is the target of an FBI investigation into possible collusion with the Russians.

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