Democrats Sweat The Details In Georgia Special Election

“From the start, the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] understood that winning the Georgia 6th special election would be a monumental task.
House and gubernatorial candidates have joined state Democratic parties from as far away as Oregon in asking for volunteers to join the phone banking program for the special election.
Story Continued BelowA loss in Georgia’s special election here could leave the party demoralized, with little to show for all the furious organizing, fundraising and spending in a handful of congressional special elections in the early months of the Trump administration.
According to Democrats close to the contest, the high early voting turnout has rendered Tuesday’s result less predictable than expected.
“I remember in 2011, Kathy Hochul won a special election in an historically Republican district in Buffalo and everyone prophesied that the Democrats were on track to recapture the House majority,” said former DCCC Chairman Steve Israel.

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