Diarrhea Deaths Are Declining In Bad Nations — But Ticking Upward In Wealthy Countries

] If we still had those rates, we’d be seeing something like 12 million deaths, and now the number is roughly 1.3 million.
“Murray and his team give a few good guesses as to why diarrhea deaths have been on the decline, though.
Without even rough estimates built on shaky data, Murray says policymakers might be tempted to ignore the areas where diarrhea exacts the greatest toll.
In a published response to the Global Burden Disease group’s work, Boston University global health researchers commented good public health data are lacking in several countries included in the study.
Places that have experienced recent conflict or upheaval like Liberia are less likely to have robust data collection compared to stable, high-income countries like Switzerland or Sweden, but all the countries’ data are aggregated into global diarrhea estimate.

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