Haunted Via A Player’S Death, A Coach Walks Faraway From His Sport

Over the last four years, 19 players have died from brain-related injuries in high school football, according to Terry O’Neil, the founder of Practice Like Pros, a group that advocates reducing collisions in youth football.
In the 2011 John C. Birdlebough vs. Homer game, a head coach was collateral damage.
Charles had been the guy who attended a high school game every Friday night and spent all day Saturday watching college football and Sunday watching N.F.L.
There were reminders of Barden at Birdlebough and Homer high schools, but Barden’s death faded from the forefront of most people’s minds.
When the 2012 season ended, Charles took a job as assistant principal at the nearby Fulton High School – which he started before the school year finished.

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