Here’S The Only Character Who Allegedly Should Have Stopped Tupac’S Death

“I always felt when Pac died it was because — Snoop could have stopped the whole thing,” Love said in the video.
Had Pac “not crossed Snoop,” he concluded, the Death Row Records signee would still be living today.
“All the songs that Pac did, he only did one with Snoop.”In the film, Snoop and Pac’s relationship is initially depicted as one of mutual brotherhood.
Pac affiliates were Crips doing some gang s**t. Some dumb n***a gang s**t, really.”Love added that Pac’s tension with Snoop set off a “chain of events” that ultimately led to Pac’s death.
Before (or if) he does, check out the comedian-actor’s thoughts on the previous relationship between both West Coast rap stars in the video below.

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