Ikea Aims To Halve Food Waste At Its Restaurants By Means Of Mid-2020

In its fiscal year through August 2016, Ikea Food Services grew turnover by 8 percent to $2.1 billion.
Its 2016 Sustainable Development Goals called on all states to halve food waste by 2030.
Daily food waste at each of the Swedish company’s nearly 400 in-store self-service outlets, known for their trademark meatballs, averages some 300 kilograms, Ylva Magnusson, a spokeswoman for Ikea Food Services, said on Monday.
Restaurant and grocery chains are under growing pressure to reduce food waste and with around 650 million restaurant visitors last year, Ikea has been binning some 43,000 tons of food annually.
Ikea, which as well as being the No.1 furniture retailer also runs one of the world’s biggest restaurant chains, aims to halve its food waste in three years to save money and reduce its environmental footprint.

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