Juvenile Has Landed In Prison

Unfortunately, now that we have, the latest spotting happens to be behind bars for what the New Orleans Advocate reports is over $150,000 in child support debt.
While the judge previously ruled that Juve was obliged to pay off the child support debt or face 30 days in jail, the site reports that Louisiana is known for its practices of jailing individuals for failure to pay child support.
However, the practice isn’t done as often under the premise that the money owed in the child support is nearly impossible to attain while the jailed individual sits behind bars.
In a case like Juvenile’s though, the site adds, judges do exercise more discretion for defendants who seem more likely to have the financial means of paying their child support debts.
According to Williams, Juve is also guilty of failure over to pay upward of $71,000 between 2013 and May, so states the court documents obtained by New Orleans Advocate.

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