‘Maudie’ Made Such Comfortable Art, You Would Never Wager How Tough She Had It

More On Maud Lewis Enlarge this image toggle caption Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Art Gallery of Nova Scotia”I’d look after it,” she tells him.
To learn more about Maud Lewis, click here to read Susan Stamberg’s story about the real Canadian folk artist.
‘Maudie’ Made Such Joyful Art, You’d Never Guess How Tough She Had ItListen to the Story 2:49Enlarge this image toggle caption Duncan Deyoung/Courtesy of Mongrel Media Duncan Deyoung/Courtesy of Mongrel MediaMaudie is the largely true story of a Canadian painter whose work was so exuberant, you’d never guess at the difficult life she lived.
In her 30s when we meet her, Maud is tiny, bent of frame, fingers crippled by juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
Though he bridles at this, Maud also starts adding color to things around the house using leftover house paint she finds outside.

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