Pence Gets A Puppy — Karen Pence (@SecondLady) June 18, 2017If you’re keeping up, the Pence family pet total now stands at four.
For Father’s Day, the vice president got a surprise puppy named Harley, an Australian shepherd:And… for Father’s Day, we surprised @VP with an Indiana puppy! — Karen Pence (@SecondLady) June 10, 2017Oreo was the black and white cat; the other cat, Pickle, orange and white, is still alive.
That all changed this weekend, when the vice president and second lady Karen Pence returned to Indiana for a visit, and picked up two — yes, two — more family members. — Karen Pence (@SecondLady) June 18, 2017And because Pickle needs a buddy, the Pence’s daughter, Charlotte, went with second lady to a pet store to adopt a little gray kitten, named Hazel.

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