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Ray Tensing Police Shooting Case Goes To A Jury, For The Second TimeEnlarge this image toggle caption Cara Owsley/AP Cara Owsley/APFor the second time in eight months, the fate of former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing is in the hands of a jury over the fatal shooting of black motorist Sam DuBose.
As in the earlier trial, Tensing, 27, faces murder and manslaughter charges over his killing of DuBose in July of 2015.
The police officer had pulled DuBose over because the car he was driving was missing its front license plate.
As member station WVXU reports, Tensing said he has thought about the encounter “millions of times” in the past two years.
‘ “As the incident unfolded, Tensing said, he believed his arm was pinned between DuBose’s and the steering wheel.

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