Sf Homeless Be Counted Indicates Grownup, Continual Homelessness On The Rise

By Laura WaxmannA bi-annual count of San Francisco’s homeless population released Friday shows the homeless count in the Mission District rising by 100 residents to 510, the third highest count in the city.
Citywide, the the number of homeless residents stands at 7,449 – down roughly one percent from the 7,539 counted in 2015.
South of Market tops the list with 3,655 homeless residents and the Bayview is second with 1,245 homeless residents, according to the tally of a single night in January.
The number of homeless youth is down by 28 percent to 1,363, the number of families is down by 10 percent to 190 and the number of chronically homeless veterans is down from 208 in 2015 to 137 individuals in 2017…READ MORE
Behind that one percent figure is a story of successes and failures.

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