Spiritual And Indigenous Leaders Unite In An Try And Save Rainforests

“Given what we are hearing from religious and indigenous leaders worldwide, we believe we can create a global movement around this shared vision.”
“Tropical rainforests occupy a sacred place in many faiths, religions and spiritual traditions,” said Mary Evelyn Tucker, co-director of Yale’s Forum on Religion and Ecology.
ROME (RNS) Religious and indigenous leaders from 21 countries gathered in Norway on Monday to launch a new initiative aimed at saving the world’s tropical rainforests from the impact of deforestation and climate change.
“Conserving rainforests is timely; sustainability is the responsibility of all, before it is too late,” he told the Oslo conference.
It was the first time leaders from Catholic, Protestant Jewish, Buddhist and other faiths joined indigenous leaders from Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Colombia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to call for urgent action to protect the forests.

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