The Ideal Lemon Bar: A Fierce Filling And A Sturdy Assisting Crust

Every lemon bar filling is an attempt to transform lemon juice and sugar from liquid and grit into a unified, creamy fluff.
Her preferred composition for a lemon bar, she said, is 1 to 1.7 — not quite the Golden Ratio, but unnervingly close.
Lemon bars belong to the family of bar cookies: Along with brownies, pumpkin bars and dream bars, they are distinctly American sweets.
I’ve made lemon bars both ways, and hoped to prove my suspicion: that in this case, the easiest route is also the best.
Baking blogs frequently rework the standard lemon bar with buzzy variations like cardamom crusts and Meyer lemon fillings (though Meyer lemons actually make dull lemon bars because they are so low in acidity).

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