The Now Not-So-Bitter Rivalry Of Dean Baquet And Marty Baron

As an undergrad at Columbia University, far from being a workaholic overachiever like Baron, Baquet was an admittedly mediocre English major and soon to be college dropout.
“He really does think like a New York Times editor,” this person said.
It was a nationwide search, but there were two candidates who emerged as the front-runners in his eyes: Dean Baquet and Marty Baron.
The other thing that makes the rivalry compelling is that unlike Rosenthal and Bradlee, who were cordial at most, Baron and Baquet are legit pals.
Dean Baquet (left) and Marty Baron, executive editors of The New York Times and The Washington Post, respectively, are the two most important newspaper editors in America right now in the era of Donald Trump.

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