Was Lenin A German Agent?

When the harsh terms of the resulting treaty of Brest-Litovsk were announced in Petrograd’s Tauride Palace in 1918 — terms that included detaching Ukraine and the Baltic States from Russia — Lenin was greeted with shouts of “Down with the traitor!” and “Judas!” and “German spy!”So was Lenin a German agent?
For similar reasons, Berlin concocted a public relations ruse around Lenin’s journey across German soil, the notorious sealed train — a convenient myth for Lenin, also, to distance himself from German sponsorship.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyIf Lenin was not the only recipient of German largess, however, he was the most important.
In reality, the train was not sealed: Lenin got off on several occasions, and stayed overnight in a German hotel at Sassnitz.
According to witnesses, Lenin even gave political speeches on German soil at Russian prisoner-of-war camps.

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