Watch The Post-Apocalyptic Video For Odesza’S Euphoric ‘Line Of Sight’ : Npr

“Like most of ODESZA’s songs, “Line Of Sight” is driven by powerful synths and dramatic chord progressions that lend themselves to cinematic treatments.
The video, which accompanies the electronic duo’s euphoric new single “Line Of Sight,” makes more of a social statement than a political one.
“We loved that [director Dan Brown] used such a far-out setting to communicate such relevant, relatable emotions,” says Sean Kusanagi, the Seattle electronic duo’s longtime creative director.
In ODESZA’s new, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi music video, that’s exactly the takeaway.
Songs We Love: ODESZA, ‘Line Of Sight’YouTubeEver get the nagging feeling that catastrophic danger is looming and the world could end at any minute?

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