Why The United Kingdom Is Concerned Approximately A Conservative-Dup Deal

Indeed, in 2010 the Conservative party formed a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats to form a ruling majority.
British Prime Minister Theresa May is drawing ever-closer to striking a deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) which will enable her to form a parliamentary majority and remain at the helm of the government.
However, the proposed deal with the 10-seat regional party, fifth-largest in the U.K., has provoked particular consternation, with critics suggesting that it could undermine British democracy and threaten disrupting the hard-fought Northern Ireland peace process.
Such a partnership is not unheard of in British politics.
Senior Conservative sources confirmed on last week that ongoing talks between the two parties were “very positive and constructive”, and with the Queen set to open parliament on June 21 a deal looks as though it is drawing ever closer.

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