A Female Changed Into Gangraped For Eight Hours Throughout 3 States And No One Located Out

Local police have barricades and special checkpoints across the three states at night to check vehicles on the road.
The incident took place without a single police check as the accused drove freely across state borders, and it was only when the woman was reportedly spotted crying near a hospital that the matter came to light.
ADVERTISEMENTA 35-year-old woman was allegedly abducted by a group of men and gangraped for eight hours as they drove her around in a Maruti Swift across three states–Haryana, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh–before she was finally thrown out somewhere in Greater Noida at 4 am.
At the very least, action should be taken against all police officers who were supposed to be on the route taken by the criminals as the gangrape took place.
File photo of Delhi police at the border checking all the vehicles entering into the city from Noida.

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