Beyoncé’S Twins Are The Only Youngsters Trevor Noah Wants To See On Fb

Get out of here, dumb nephews, I want to see Beyoncé’s kids.’” — TREVOR NOAH “She’s named them Juniper Halo and Coriander Starlight.
At the end of his opening segment on Monday night, Trevor Noah took a break from the jokes to discuss the case of Philando Castile.
Beyoncé and Jay ZThis past weekend generated plenty of news about President Trump, but the late-night hosts took a break from their constant political quipping to celebrate the arrival of a certain set of twins.
The police officer who fatally shot Mr. Castile — who was in possession of a legally registered gun when he was shot — was acquitted of all charges, prompting Mr. Noah to wonder why the National Rifle Association hadn’t taken up Mr. Castile’s cause.
That explains why Trump can’t stop punching himself in the face.” — STEPHEN COLBERTTrevor Noah Gives a Sharp Critique of the N.R.A.

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