Citizens Head To Polls In Georgia Race It Truly Is Became On Trump

“It’s bigger than the 6th,” said Holly Simmel, a volunteer for the Ossoff campaign, who admitted neglecting her job to spend more time canvassing.
‘Bigger Than The 6th’: Voters Head To Polls In Georgia Race That’s Turned On TrumpEnlarge this image toggle caption Joe Raedle/Getty Images Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesIt was supposed to be an easy win for Republicans.
The news around that time was making Laura Phipps’ stomach turn, so signed up to ride on an Ossoff campaign bus from North Carolina with her son to volunteer in Georgia.
Handel and Ossoff are vying to succeed former Rep. Tom Price, who Trump picked as his secretary of Health and Human Services.
GOP races to fend off an upsetRepublicans know the stakes are high are calling the race a “must win.

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