Florida Democrats’ Chairman Prepared To Renounce Over Racial Remarks

Florida Democrats’ chairman ready to resign over racial remarksThe embattled chairman of the Florida Democratic Party, Stephen Bittel, is prepared to quit if members of the legislative black caucus want him gone for dismissing them as “childish” amid a dispute at a million-dollar weekend fundraising gala, top Democrats tell POLITICO Florida.
After President Trump’s surprise win in Florida, Democrats were despondent.
It had nothing to do with race … Bittel isn’t a racist.
The division carried over into the Florida Democratic Party chair race where Bittel, a Clinton donor and friend of former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, fended off challengers backed by Sanders supporters.
Being chairman of a party, particularly in such a large state, is maybe the most thankless important job in the world.”By that point, Democratic lawmakers were anything but thankful.

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