Food Transport And Out-Of-Domestic Dining Are Thriving In China, Study Reveals

According to that 2017 China shopper report, released on Tuesday, dining out and food delivery are seeing robust growth with Chinese consumers, who have traditionally cooked at home.
In the case of dining, it’s “high-speed dining out and delivery versus low-speed home cooking” and this divergence will present new opportunities and strategies for food businesses, the report added.
The study analyzed responses from a panel of 40,000 households and 4,000 individuals in tier 1 and tier 2 cities.
The results revealed that while the value of food purchased for in-home meal preparation grew by only 3 percent annually from 2013 to 2016, food delivery rose by 44 percent and dining out grew by 10 percent over the same period.
The report’s findings this year are a continuation of a “two-speed” trend identified last year, said Lannes.

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