Jill Stein Isn’T Sorry

Green Party Pennsylvania chairwoman Kristin Combs says the donation was pledged to get a Green Party candidate for Senate on the ballot in 2016.
#shebuiltthis.” On Monday, in response to news of Russia’s threat to shoot down U.S. warplanes in Syria, Tanden tweeted, “thanks Jill Stein” (the tweet has since been deleted).
Had a few thousand votes in key Midwestern states gone to Hillary Clinton instead of Jill Stein, many on the left believe, America might be having a very different conversation today.
“There have been public reports, I think, that Jill Stein was also in Russia attending the RT function, so we’re going to need to look at any efforts the Russians made through whatever means to influence our elections.
Stein says the encounter lasted only a minute or two, and that she used it plug the Green Party’s nuclear disarmament plan.

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