Kashmiri Police Officers Call Out Politicians As ‘Hypocrites’ Who Do Not Deliver A Damn Approximately Their Lives

According to the 2014 NCRB data, 13 police personnel were killed in Jammu & Kashmir.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a police officer in south Kashmir told the The Indian Express, “We are fighting the dirty war of these politicians.
ADVERTISEMENTPolice officers in Kashmir have called out politicians as “hypocrites” who are unconcerned when members of the Jammu and Kashmir police are killed in the line of duty.
There were 52 causalities reported in Anti Terrorist/Extremist operations from 10 States, the highest number of casualties was in Chhattisgarh (18), and Jammu & Kashmir (13).
“The Indian Express reported that Ashraf is a Superintendent of Police rank officer posted as Staff Officer to an Inspector-General of Police (IGP).

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