North Korea: Travel Firms Think Two Times About U.S. Travelers After Otto Warmbier’S Dying

“Warmbier’s death comes less than a month after two U.S. congressmen introduced a bill aimed at banning American tourists from visiting North Korea.
“The devastating loss of Otto Warmbier’s life has led us to reconsider our position on accepting American tourists,” it said in a statement.
Related: Warmbier death raises pressure on White HouseIf the Trump administration wants to punish North Korea over its treatment of Warmbier, it would need Beijing’s help.
Otto Warmbier was arrested in North Korea during a sightseeing tour last year.
Related: U.S. lawmakers want to ban American tourists from North KoreaBut American tourists make up only a small fraction of visitors to North Korea, whose tourism industry is dominated by visitors from China, its main economic partner.

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