Supersonic Flight Promised Through 2023 As Increase Broadcasts Airline Orders

The return of Concorde supersonic flight has been brought a step closer with the announcement that 5 airlines have placed a total of 76 orders with U.S. firm Boom.
Virgin is the only known customer of the concept stage supersonic passenger airliner with the other four to be announced at special events.
“Airlines are excited for something new and different to offer their passengers and we’re thrilled that major world airlines share our vision for a future of faster, more accessible supersonic travel.
Another example given was San Francisco to Tokyo which would take a little over 5 hours, compared to the current 11.
Boom claimed the average length of flight from Paris to New York would drop to three and a half hours from 7 when the full airliner flies, utlilzing its full Mach 2.2 speed.

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