Time Is Swiftly Strolling Out In Washington, Says Political Professional

Given the impending holiday season, there is “no time left in Washington” to push through the legislative changes that markets and the broader population are anticipating, James D. Boys, political historian at Richmond University, told CNBC’s Squawk Box on Tuesday.
“It’s pretty much dead on arrival in the United States’ senate,” Boys asserted.
Concerns about the clock ticking on the U.S. administration’s first year in office are growing as the initial hype over the breadth and speed of legislative changes to be effected has ceded to question marks over what the government will be able achieve this calendar year.
“What Trump has achieved he has done so through executive orders effectively.
Where he has singularly failed – along with the Republican party generally – is getting any sort of legislation through Congress,” said Boys, contending that the president’s Rose Garden celebration of getting the repeal of former President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill through the House of Representatives was premature.

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