#2020Vision: Gillibrand Backs Unmarried-Payer … Booker’S Fb Live … Biden The Lifeguard … Kander Goes To New Hampshire

But for the 2020 Democratic presidential race, embracing it increasingly seems to be the price of admission into the upper tier.
Booker’s Facebook Live: That Facebook Live started with just the New Jersey senator and Rep.of Georgia, the civil rights icon.
) The “stars” of 2020: Speaking of New Hampshire, the Concord Monitor named Facebook’s, Starbucks founderand actoramong the Democratic 2020 prospects, extending an invitation to meet with its editorial board to all of them.
What we’re watching: Which Democratic senators will sign on as cosponsors when Sanders filed his single-payer bill?
However, Gillibrand in the past hasn’t used the phrase “Medicare for all” as a substitute for “single-payer” the same way Bernie Sanders does.

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