Breastfeeding: Lengthy-Time Period Nursing Ends In Cavities, Take A Look At Says

“However, the study found that breastfeeding between 12 and 23 months did not bring with it a higher risk of cavities.
Among the children in the study, 23.9% had severe cavities and 48% had at least one tooth surface affected by a cavity.
Other studies measuring the relationship between long-term breastfeeding and dental cavities have had mixed results — though this could be due in part to the researchers looking at cavities in children of different ages and defining prolonged breastfeeding by different time ranges.
If a family had a lower income or the mother had less schooling, children had more dental cavities and were at a higher risk of having severe cavities.
Second, higher frequency of breastfeeding and nocturnal breastfeeding on demand makes it very difficult to clean teeth in this specific period.

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