Eleven Perfect Podcasts For The Fourth Of July

Advertisement Continue reading the main story“The Imperfect Plaintiffs” tells the stories of two cases that had the potential to change civil rights in the United States.
Song Exploder: Mitski, from 2016 (14:42)On “Song Exploder,” musicians take apart their songs to show fans how they were built.
PhotoMore Perfect: The Imperfect Plaintiffs, from 2016 (1:03)“More Perfect” is a podcast about the law, which to many people might seem like a good reason to avoid it.
In this episode, Mr. Carrier explores Mr. Niazi’s transition to the United States, and in his subdued, almost casual storytelling, manages to stumble upon some profound insights about the nature of freedom.
Mr. Andersen also tracks the spread of the song, which he finds to be “a kind of unofficial national anthem.”

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