FrançOis Pinault Unveils Plans For Paris Art Museum

Hide Caption 5 of 7Photos: 2017’s museum openings Museum of the Bible, Washington DC – A museum dedicated to the holy book needs to tread a fine line in a country that’s declared itself done with truth itself.
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Hide Caption 3 of 7Photos: 2017’s museum openings Second World War Museum, Gdańsk – Gdansk’s biggest cultural project for many years is a spectacular if sobering monument to Poland’s darkest hours, its cataclysmic experiences during WWII.
Photos: 2017’s museum openings Louvre Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Originally slated to finish in 2012, the opening of the highly anticipated Louvre Abu Dhabi has been pushed back to 2017.
Hide Caption 1 of 7Photos: 2017’s museum openings Astana World Expo, Astana, Kazakhstan – World Expos are almost always exotic architectural zoos, and Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill’s monumental suite of circular pavilions is set to continue the trend.

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