Hear Hiss Golden Messenger’S Soft ‘Status Inside The Doorway’

Songs We Love: Hiss Golden Messenger, ‘Standing In The Doorway’Enlarge this image toggle caption Andy Tennille/Courtesy of the artist Andy Tennille/Courtesy of the artistM.C.
Hiss Golden Messenger will be on tour this summer and fall.
On last year’s Heart Like A Levee, Taylor’s sixth album as Hiss Golden Messenger, it was the tussle between family life and the road; on “Standing In The Doorway,” a beautiful outtake from that record, it’s dreaming and reality that are at odds.
“I always liked this tune, but it didn’t seem to fit the emotional arc of [Heart Like A Levee] for some reason.
Taylor has one of rock’s most naturally self-flagellating voices — a rueful, weary reediness that makes the tensions in his songs pull that much harder.

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