Hong Kong’S Last British Governor Criticizes Beijing 20 Years After Handover : The 2-Way : Npr

Hong Kong’s Last British Governor Criticizes Beijing 20 Years After HandoverEnlarge this image toggle caption Vincent Yu/AP Vincent Yu/APThe last British governor of Hong Kong, who helped negotiate its return to China 20 years ago, is decrying Beijing’s administration of the territory on the anniversary of the historic handover.
When negotiations for the return of Hong Kong were underway, Patten sought to codify protections for Hong Kong that would preserve its unique identity and way of life.
In 2014, student-led pro-democracy demonstrations choked the streets in Hong Kong’s busy business districts.
In recent years, however, Beijing has increasingly clamped down on any dissent and moved to quash direct elections for Hong Kong’s chief executive.
Hong Kong island was ceded to Great Britain in 1842 in the Treaty of Nanjing.

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