House Panel To Interview Former Trump Adviser In Russia Probe

Dennis Vacco, Caputo’s attorney, said the former Trump adviser will appear before the House committee and that he has provided records in response to the panel’s request for information.
Story highlights Michael Caputo is a former Donald Trump adviser and long-time ally of Roger StoneCaputo and Stone plans to interview before the House intelligence committee(CNN) The House intelligence committee, moving rapidly to interview a series of major witnesses in July, plans to bring forward another former Trump adviser to question as its investigation into Russia meddling reaches a new phase.
Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign communications adviser, has agreed to come before the committee next month, his lawyer told CNN on Friday.
Caputo is a long-time ally of Trump adviser Roger Stone, who also plans to voluntarily be interviewed by the House panel about communications Stone acknowledged having with WikiLeaks and the Russian hacking operation that went under the name Guciffer 2.0.
Caputo, who once worked in Moscow and has connections to Russia, has strongly denied he was involved in any collusion with Russian officials.

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