How Gotham Gave Us Trump

Throughout his presidential campaign, he talked to his crowds about the “horrible” “inner cities,” the “terrible” “inner cities,” the “crime-infested” “inner cities,” the “inner cities” that were “sad,” the “inner cities” that were “suffering,” the “inner cities” that were “almost at an all-time low,” the “inner cities” that were “more dangerous than some of the war zones that we’re reading about.”“You look at the inner cities,” he said in Florida less than a month before the election, “and you see bad education, no jobs, no safety.
The city helped Trump much more than Trump helped the city.
In the cafeteria, a mop-wielding science teacher on lunch duty joked to Trump, “How are you with mopping up vomit?”“I don’t do vomit,” said Trump.
The Trump take on the city was evident in 1989, as he fanned the racially charged public frenzy around the Central Park Five rape case.
“Piggy, piggy, piggy.”Library of CongressFrom the opening of Trump Tower until earlier this year, when his address became 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Trump never moved.

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