In Which The Ping-Pong Scene Never Sleeps

“We have a lot of Blitz people who come and play here,” said Ms. Hoarfrost, who on a night when Paddle Palace was closed took a new hire to Pips to show him that Portland’s Ping-Pong scene never sleeps.
An elite Ping-Pong player by age 15, Ms. Hoarfrost competed in the 1971 World Championships in Japan.
The family had moved to Oregon from Arizona shortly before she made her Ping-Pong pilgrimage to the Far East.
In 1973, Ms. Hoarfrost’s father started a table tennis club, Paddle Palace, in an ornate downtown Elks Club that featured chandeliers above the tables.
On a recent sunny Saturday, two patrons — one male, one female — exchanged lighthearted volleys on a Ping-Pong table in a covered corner.

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